It’s been a while YET AGAIN that I haven’t written on here and I know I know, I should be writing more especially since a want to be an actual writer. 

I just feel so bombarded with stuff lately and honestly I took the summer for granted.

Sometimes I wish that school would on for a month, then off a week and continue the cycle so that it would all be evened out.

I don’t mean to continue writing about school of all things, but I just can’t help it! 

It consumes about 85% of your thoughts and 75% of your time. I’m in the hard classes too so put two and two together please.

You could argue that the only reason I’m even writing at all is because I’m standing at Red Lobster(which I’m super excited about btw) waiting for a seat and pretty much have nothing else to do, but! You shouldn’t because I do want to write I just keep getting caught up in…I don’t 

Besides that very awkward paragraph that happened just there I think I got the host of the past week down pat and officially sound like I’m writing in a diary. 

In some ways, that’s technically what this is except less private and more public. 

What? Did you think I was going to put my deepest darkest secrets on here? Nooooo.

Besides, it’s not like I’m exactly FULL of secrets. I try to be honest about things and all and it’s not like I do “dark-secret-worthy” things. I just live my life the way I want to. Running out of time, I’ll try to write again soon .

-OnlyMe wishing great food upon you.

P.S. Don’t you love a good rainbow?



I don’t know why, but I am literally in Love with tennis right now. I really don’t know why, but *shrug*. 

It IS tennis season for girls at my school and I’m on the team so that might be the case but…

I seem to be ending with that word a lot lately. 


I’m obsessed 

I’ve been playing it for about 3 hours each day since the last week of summer, and going overtime is actually really fun. 

In fact, I just got done playing tennis with my dad and brother! A few of Andrew’s friends also joined us near the end. I have an away game on Monday, so I needed the practice anyways. 

Enough rambling about myself….or is that technically what I’m supposed to do on here?

Who knows. I mean, there aren’t really any rules on here, right? 

I think I’m done for now anyways though…

-OnlyMe wishing the greatest possibilities.


Don’t even get me started on this horrific topic. 

I mean, it’s not that I HATE school, it’s just that, well…I have a strong dislike for it sometimes. 

I love seeing my friends and that I have the chance to learn and I KNOW that there are many people on this world just dying for the education I get, which is just completely handed to me. 

I just really don’t care about that sometimes because I like to complain. I know that sounds bad. Like, really bad, but let me explain. 

I need to get my frustrations out somewhere or else my whole world will literally explode. Oh, and don’t actually take that literally. Well, you get it right. 

Anyways, back to the point. 

I get how school is important and everything, but does that really mean I have to like it? It’s like the teachers expect us to be alive for eight hours a day when we all know we only got about six hours of sleep the night before. 

Plus, what’s with all of this homework business? And studying? Why do they cram like ten years of natural learning into four? I don’t get the world sometimes.

Scratch that, all of the time. 

So I’m going to go procrastinate and watch some Vampire Diaries ’till my anger hormones are out of the picture. 

See ya sooner or later,

-OnlyMe wishing…not school…

IDEAS- (Happy ones)

Ok so lately I’ve been feeling like my blog has like, absolutely NO structure. I used to have everything on a time schedule and I’m different categories and everything, but now I’ve just kind of been writing whatever and whenever… 

I’m not exactly sure if that a good thing or a bad thing. Honestly, it might be neither. I guess the mission is to find a healthy in between right? How exactly do I do that though? 

I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to that question for a little bit now. 

All that I’ve been able to come up with so far is, though… 

… That I will be talking about and writing:





•Social Media and personal problems


•Pictures and Photography including editing 

•Stage fright




•Random Thoughts

My Ten Topics ladies and gentlemen.

-OnlyMe wishing hope to all

My Random Thoughts!

I love writing down my random thoughts! 

(And please don’t read this with a critical mind😊)

It’s always so fun to try to be imaginative and creative to think of new topics to write about…


I’ve been thinking..

People seem to like to be dramatic, yet they hate it when other people are dramatic..

What is the deal with boys toying around with girls? Is that the dramatic desperation coming out again?

How come the cute boys always know it, yet the ugly ones don’t? 

The “spark” is just an excuse for girls to turn down hard on the eyes guys. 

Why is everyone so competitive nowadays? Aren’t they tired of living PAST expectations?

I’m sooo bad at random thoughts that it cracks me up. 

Just because I want to be a writer doesn’t mean I have to be writing books this way and that. I have time. 

Ignore the one above. I write a ton. 

Now’s the point in this where I have no clue why I started writing it…

I REALLY like ice cream. I want ice cream…

Ugh. Still no ice cream. This might not be published btw. 

Heh, I guess I don’t need to write that cause if it’s not published you won’t be able to read it. 

Woah so I could be totally wasting my time right now..

I really need to work on my grammar. 


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I could go on and on with those h’s by the way. 

(I thought I shouldn’t say ‘btw’ again. You’re welcome.)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my…thing. 

I have no idea what it is anymore. 

I’ll do it again though eventually .



Haha love doing one word for a line. 



Goodbye, I guess.

See ya!

-OnlyMe wishing random thoughts to all!

P.S. Don’t you love my random picture?

Cracker Barrel Review

I can’t not talk about my amazing time at Cracker Barrel. It’s one of my favorite places to eat and the best part is that there’s their very own shop connected right to the restaurant itself!! I always buy at least one thing and this time it was the cool, old looking journal pictured above. Just a little shoutout to this place and a review.

Every Cracker Barrel is a LOT alike. 

They all have a store, a restaurant, and a cool front porch. The store is always filled with cool and seasonal things. They tend to be located more in the west, but every one I’ve been to, west or not, has been amazing so far. 

It’s also cheap enough to try out. 

The prices are low and the food is good! I love some of the things they give you, and all for a smaller than you’d think price. The biscuits are some of the best things they have. Comes with lots of different meals and to die for.

Breakfast is what it’s made for.

If you get anything there, it should be the breakfast. First of all, that’s usually where you get the biscuits. Second of all, it’s where there biggest selection is. Third of all, it’s where they excel. 

Just a suggestion, but personally, I go there anytime I’m on a road trip. 

Next time, 

-OnlyMe wishing happiness.

Day 3 and 4 at Boston

Day 3

Since day two was so long and taxing, we ended up not doing much at all on day 3. We all woke up late(having ended up going to bed at around 3a.m. the night before), and just kind of ate breakfast and wandered around the house. The parents and little ones went outside to play while I watched Boy Meets World with Amaya(The boys hung out in the basement).

Eventually the parents and twins went on a walk and we went to the bookstore and then a smoothie shop on Main Street. When we got home, I spent some time reading on a hammock before the whole family got together for games and dinner. We played the games for a while(until midnight). 

Day 4

Today we all woke up early and got to the beach. We decided to try to go more north than usual to try to catch some waves, but that part did not go as planned. 

It ended up being very cold and not wavy at all. That’s okay though because we all had fun anyways. I didn’t have any cell service for the whole time there, but we’re on the way back now. The trip included: me freezing my butt off, most of us being buried, climbing rocks, staring at tiny bugs, an injured bee in need of rescue, selfish pelicans, zombie games, and a whole lot of beef jerky. 

Until I come out with the pictures,

-OnlyMe wishing a life fulfilled.