Cracker Barrel Review

I can’t not talk about my amazing time at Crscker Barrel. It’s one of my favorite places to eat and the best part is that there’s their very own shop connected right to the restaurant itself!! I always buy at least one thing and this time it was the cool, old looking journal pictured above. Just a little shoutout to this place and a review.

Every Cracker Barrel is a LOT alike. 

They all have a store, a restaurant, and a cool front porch. The store is always filled with cool and seasonal things. They tend to be located more in the west, but every one I’ve been to, west or not, has been amazing so far. 

It’s also cheap enough to try out. 

The prices are low and the food is good! I love some of the things they give you, and all for a smaller than you’d think price. The biscuits are some of the best things they have. Comes with lots of different meals and to die for.

Breakfast is what it’s made for.

If you get anything there, it should be the breakfast. First of all, that’s usually where you get the biscuits. Second of all, it’s where there biggest selection is. Third of all, it’s where they excel. 

Just a suggestion, but personally, I go there anytime I’m on a road trip. 

Next time, 

-OnlyMe wishing happiness.

Day 3 and 4 at Boston

Day 3

Since day two was so long and taxing, we ended up not doing much at all on day 3. We all woke up late(having ended up going to bed at around 3a.m. the night before), and just kind of ate breakfast and wandered around the house. The parents and little ones went outside to play while I watched Boy Meets World with Amaya(The boys hung out in the basement).

Eventually the parents and twins went on a walk and we went to the bookstore and then a smoothie shop on Main Street. When we got home, I spent some time reading on a hammock before the whole family got together for games and dinner. We played the games for a while(until midnight). 

Day 4

Today we all woke up early and got to the beach. We decided to try to go more north than usual to try to catch some waves, but that part did not go as planned. 

It ended up being very cold and not wavy at all. That’s okay though because we all had fun anyways. I didn’t have any cell service for the whole time there, but we’re on the way back now. The trip included: me freezing my butt off, most of us being buried, climbing rocks, staring at tiny bugs, an injured bee in need of rescue, selfish pelicans, zombie games, and a whole lot of beef jerky. 

Until I come out with the pictures,

-OnlyMe wishing a life fulfilled.

Day 1 and 2 at Boston

Day 1

Yesterday was my first day here and it was a good day! I went double Kayaking in the lake nearby with everyone who came, but there was only one kayak. The boys ended up swimming out to us and that whole thing was very fun. 

We had lasagna for dinner with garlic and that was amazing. Today will be a little more interesting though…

Day 2

Today we are planning to actually go to Boston!! We’re driving out to there right now and we have a plan for the whole day set out for us. 

First we’re getting on a train! It’s been so long! Love trains, btw. We’ll ride that to Boston and then we’ll split up there. The boys are back at the house (planning on doing a breakout room) but the little ones and the parents are going to a kids art museum while me and my friend walk around Boston! (I’m hoping we can find a breakout room too btw). 

We’ll be around Boston for about 3-4 hours and then we’ll all meet up again for a linner in Boston. 

I’ll be posting pictures later! 

Until next time,

-OnlyMe wishing the best !

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Going to Boston today! I’ll be living at my family friends’ house there. There family is the Wadleys. They’re really nice and I’m sure it will be fun, so excited!! We’ll be there for the week and I’m going with my best friend Amaya and my family. (Of course) 

I’ll still be posting, don’t worry. Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures on the drive up there and I’ll post them a little later. I’ll also be posting the fun things I’ll hopefully get to do on this fun trip as the days go by! There’ll probably be some stories to tell…

Until then, 

-OnlyMe wishing good memories !

Poem about me.

I’ve done a lot of poems, and I’ve written about a lot of different things. One thing I haven’t done to often is write a poem about myself. I’m at the age where finding yourself is important. 

Therefore, this seems like a good place to start. 

I’m only so old,

And only so little.

My life’s in the underground 

Yet also in the sky. 

I’m full of opposites,

Of turns that don’t make sense.

My mind is an obstacle course

And I hope I get it right. 

My fear is I won’t,

That I’ll live life all wrong.

That I’ll fail and I’ll fall

That it’ll all be my fault.

I want to be good 

And I want to be brave.

I want to be strong

And I want to be humble.

I want to be kind 

And I want to be proud

Of who I’ve become. 


My mind is a maze

And I can’t see what’s coming 

Around the corner.

That’s what frightens me most.

-OnlyMe wishing something beautiful. 


So… I’m back! 

Sorry about that, by the way… I was busy and..sometimes it’s just so weird to come back here to write. I just needed some time off. You know how hard it is to write a poem a day? 

Anyways, I’m back again. I’ll always come back to this. Writing.

It’s my life, my soul. I was born to write. I know it, I live it, I love it. 

So let’s get down to business. 

I am going to be writing whatever I want, whenever I want. Suggestions will be taken though, of course. 

I’m open to new things and new possibilities. I don’t want to stick to the same schedules with this. My life is too familiar, I could use some spontaneity. 

Thank you and thank you again.

I’m hoping my blog doesn’t go down into the basement but works itself to the middle shelf where I’m hoping it’ll belong. 

I may be young, and I may be crazy, but I want this to work out. 

So thanks for reading. 

And see ya next time. (hopefully)

-OnlyMe wishing happy days. 

Top Ten Reasons Teenage Girls Get Stressed.

Now this isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is true for me and other teenage girls I know. Don’t judge me on these, just listen.

  1. Homework. (I mean how could it not be on here.)
  2. Wanting to be popular, or trying to “fit in.” 
  3. Stressing over who likes who, about being alone in life, and how to act around your crush.
  4. Family problems. We’ve all got them, to one extreme or another. 
  5. Time management. I don’t mean to sound like a health textbook, but it’s totally true. 
  6. Dealing with cycles and, when around boys, pretending that they don’t exist. *eyeroll*
  7. Working because parents assume we all have even more time laying around. 
  8. Grades and all that stress that goes with them. 
  9. Peer pressure, which totally coincides with number 2. 
  10. Last but not least, stressing over what you want to do with your life. Colleges, careers, etc. Some of the most important decision of your life rests in High School.

So there it is. I had to get that out, and I’ll be back to the normal schedule soon! 

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all…