It’s been a while YET AGAIN that I haven’t written on here and I know I know, I should be writing more especially since a want to be an actual writer. 

I just feel so bombarded with stuff lately and honestly I took the summer for granted.

Sometimes I wish that school would on for a month, then off a week and continue the cycle so that it would all be evened out.

I don’t mean to continue writing about school of all things, but I just can’t help it! 

It consumes about 85% of your thoughts and 75% of your time. I’m in the hard classes too so put two and two together please.

You could argue that the only reason I’m even writing at all is because I’m standing at Red Lobster(which I’m super excited about btw) waiting for a seat and pretty much have nothing else to do, but! You shouldn’t because I do want to write I just keep getting caught up in…I don’t 

Besides that very awkward paragraph that happened just there I think I got the host of the past week down pat and officially sound like I’m writing in a diary. 

In some ways, that’s technically what this is except less private and more public. 

What? Did you think I was going to put my deepest darkest secrets on here? Nooooo.

Besides, it’s not like I’m exactly FULL of secrets. I try to be honest about things and all and it’s not like I do “dark-secret-worthy” things. I just live my life the way I want to. Running out of time, I’ll try to write again soon .

-OnlyMe wishing great food upon you.

P.S. Don’t you love a good rainbow?


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