Love Song.

Today I’m here to share a love song I decided to write. I know, I know. Love songs are everywhere and they can honestly be easy to write, but they’re so popular because they’re special. Love is special. So I went over to the dark side, sorry about that. I still would like to share. 

I know. 

I know what has happened,

And I know what’s to come. 

I know but yet how can I?

Why should I?

Everything with you is a game.

Everything is fragile.

I’m jumping through hoops to get to you.

You seemed so simple, but you’re so


Predictable and easy,

Yet your emotions are in a twist.

I thought the girl was supposed to be the one

with drama.

But in this case, that isn’t true. 

I let you down, I know that,

But will you listen to yourself?

Most relationships come to an end.

I used to wonder why. 

Now it’s clear to me. 

It’s people like you that end things. 

I’m not mad, I’m not afraid.

I’m not sad, I’m not triumphant.

I’m just done. It’s over, the end. 

We’re done, we saw this coming. 

They say that good men are hard to find.

But I say they’re wrong. 

There are plenty of good ones out there.

But we don’t look for good,

We look for great. 

Great men, those are rare. 

Can’t wait until I find one.

Now I know this might not have been what you expected…surprise! It’s just what comes to me. 

-OnlyMe wishing the best . 

P.S. This is technically a poem right? I’m putting it in that section, btw. Check out my website/blog! Highly appreciated..

Poem about me.

I’ve done a lot of poems, and I’ve written about a lot of different things. One thing I haven’t done to often is write a poem about myself. I’m at the age where finding yourself is important. 

Therefore, this seems like a good place to start. 

I’m only so old,

And only so little.

My life’s in the underground 

Yet also in the sky. 

I’m full of opposites,

Of turns that don’t make sense.

My mind is an obstacle course

And I hope I get it right. 

My fear is I won’t,

That I’ll live life all wrong.

That I’ll fail and I’ll fall

That it’ll all be my fault.

I want to be good 

And I want to be brave.

I want to be strong

And I want to be humble.

I want to be kind 

And I want to be proud

Of who I’ve become. 


My mind is a maze

And I can’t see what’s coming 

Around the corner.

That’s what frightens me most.

-OnlyMe wishing something beautiful. 

DailyPoemChallenge- Day 47

My heart goes out 

To those who can’t understand

The simple things that keep me alive.

I know myself,

And I know where I want to go.

The rest

Is all just extra.

Meaningless information,

Hopeless obstacles,

And my field of determination.

I know what I want,

And I know what I need.

All that’s left to figure out is

What I’m going to do without it,

And how I’m going to get it.

That’s it.


-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all.

Just trying to explain a way of thinking. I find it very interesting!

DailyPoemChallenge- Day 46

My life’s been torn,

And my life’s been broken,

My life’s been on the edge of destruction.

My life’s been won,

And my life’s been loved,

My life’s been my own true path to salvation.

I’m not sure

What this road’ll lead me to.

I’m not sure 

How this’ll end.

I know for sure,

I know for sure,

That it’s gunna be okay.

Not because I know it,

And not even because it’s likely,

But because I have to be strong

In order for anything good to happen.

-OnlyMs wishing a good day to all .

I know, I know! Yet another song, but I’m really in the mood today. Hope ya like it. 

DailyPoemChallenge- Day 45

I’m almost done with the challenge! Honestly, it’s going to be kind of weird not having to post a poem everyday. I’m kind of used to it by now. If you think I should just start another challenge or continue to post poems, comment below. It’s appreciated

The light sparkles softly

Off the ocean tinted glass.

The image ripples within it,

But I can see the ruffled picture.

The picture of the forest, proud and clear.

The picture of the deer running

Like the frightened mice from the movies.

The picture of the golden birdhouse

Quietly swaying in the breeze.

The picture of the long oak trees

Stiffly branching out into wonders.

The picture of dwindling steps

Reaching for the moist grass and into the rich soil.

The picture of my mother

Running from what used to be.

Running from what I knew.

Running from what I loved.

The picture of that moment,

Forever etched into my memory.

The picture,

To never be forgotten.

The picture, of loss. 

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all… 

DailyPoemChallenge- Day 44

I don’t mean the things I say sometimes,

And sometimes I mean them too much.

I don’t want you to think of me as I was,

I want you to think of me as I am. 

Is it possible for you to understand me?

Cause so far you haven’t.

I can tell by the look in your eyes.

The look of disgust at immaturity.

If you would listen, you would know

That I’m not the same as I used to be.

I’m not her, I’m me.

Right in front of you.

Someone that I’m proud of.

Don’t make me feel any different,

I don’t think I’d be able to take another disappointment.

Could you?

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all .

DailyPoemChallenge- Day 43

The trees saunter in my direction

And joy fills up the night.

It’s hard to feel connection

On any night but this one.

Now it’s enlightening more than ever.

The willowing branches sway,

The golden notes play,

And the beetles sing for pleasure.

For the night is young.

We all rejoice!

Feel the happiness within the sorrow;

The light within the darkness.

They say that contrast is the only beauty…

Well this night, this love, this song

Is the greatest contrast.

Full of prophecy;

Full of life;

Full of harmony.

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all .