I don’t know why, but I am literally in Love with tennis right now. I really don’t know why, but *shrug*. 

It IS tennis season for girls at my school and I’m on the team so that might be the case but…

I seem to be ending with that word a lot lately. 


I’m obsessed 

I’ve been playing it for about 3 hours each day since the last week of summer, and going overtime is actually really fun. 

In fact, I just got done playing tennis with my dad and brother! A few of Andrew’s friends also joined us near the end. I have an away game on Monday, so I needed the practice anyways. 

Enough rambling about myself….or is that technically what I’m supposed to do on here?

Who knows. I mean, there aren’t really any rules on here, right? 

I think I’m done for now anyways though…

-OnlyMe wishing the greatest possibilities.



Hello! It’s been a little bit, but I have quite a few pictures for you! The eclipse that recently happened and so on. 

I’ve been a little busy lately with Tennis and school starting, but I promise I’ve still got my log on top priority. 

It would be great if I could get any requests for blog posts though! 

Thank you… 

Let’s start with the Before’s-

Now the afters…

-OnlyMe wishing… dreams come true


I’m entering in a photo contest and I did a little photoshoot with my mother for it. I was hoping to show some of the pictures, and maybe see which ones stand out the most? It was really fun to carry out, and the pictures are worthwhile in my opinion. I just don’t know which one I quite like best. This is the worst thing about photo contests; you can only pick one photo to hand in! I wish I could just hand em all in… Wish me luck! 

We went to this cute, barely discovered pond and path and the Woodson a close by neighborhood. 

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all !