Hello! It’s been a little bit, but I have quite a few pictures for you! The eclipse that recently happened and so on. 

I’ve been a little busy lately with Tennis and school starting, but I promise I’ve still got my log on top priority. 

It would be great if I could get any requests for blog posts though! 

Thank you… 

Let’s start with the Before’s-

Now the afters…

-OnlyMe wishing… dreams come true



I went on a hike on Father’s Day and found some interesting moments for pictures…

On the way to the place that we hiked. (Dunhill)

A little after the halfway point. 8 mile hike in total. 

This is earlier in the hike. Probably only 2 miles in. 

This was at the pond which sat at almost exactly the 4 mile point. (So almost halfway.)

Hope they are good!

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all !


So…it’s that time of the week! I hope these work out. I went on a five hour tennis trip this week and took quite a few pictures…decided to use them here.

First, with the tennis courts, then the better ones…

Here comes my favorite! I love the sun with a perfect sunset. The editing variety always gets me.

This ones just a whim, but I love the editing opportunity. 

Another sunset, yet quite different. I was in the car (passenger) and was trying to get the silhouettes of the trees. Not my favorite picture, but I like it.

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all


I’m doing this a day early this week, mostly because tomorrow I’m going to Hershey! It’s a long day trip, and I’m planning on leaving the house at around 4:45 am, soooo I’m in for a heck of a ride. I’ll post those pictures either tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll make sure to do the DailyPoemChallenge, and I’ll do the weekly Saturday #theadventuredare on Sunday…

The before and afters;


So, I have to come to the conclusion of doing before&after editing posts every Sunday, just like I’ll do my #theadventuredare every Saturday.
These are just a few I took to liking over the past week. I was just in the car and saw great photo opportunity. **editing opportunities too!!

-OnlyMe wishing a good day to all!