Little Sid 

“I didn’t know!” I say, clearly being given a much higher punishment than I deserve. I had no idea that lamp was there! Sure, I hit it. Sure, it was super expensive. That doesn’t mean it was my fault! I didn’t see it! Gosh, life is soooooo unfair sometimes. 

“Go to your room, Sid,” Mother says,”I don’t have all day to deal with this. I’m sorry if you feel it’s not your fault, but it most certainly is. Lamps don’t just fall on their own.”

“What’s Sid going on about now?”

Ugh. My older sister, Udia. ‘Pronounced ue-dee-a!’ She can be soooooo annoying! She’s always getting in trouble, but just squirms her way out of it! If SHE had knocked down the lamp, none of this would be happening. Apparently I’m ‘only ten so you don’t get me OR the world yet, genius’ So frustrating! 

-OnlyMe wishing a bright day. 

Trying out a new storyline and point of view. Tell me if it’s going well? Any criticisms? I’ll continue with it if it gets good rep. Till next time!


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