Poem about me.

I’ve done a lot of poems, and I’ve written about a lot of different things. One thing I haven’t done to often is write a poem about myself. I’m at the age where finding yourself is important. 

Therefore, this seems like a good place to start. 

I’m only so old,

And only so little.

My life’s in the underground 

Yet also in the sky. 

I’m full of opposites,

Of turns that don’t make sense.

My mind is an obstacle course

And I hope I get it right. 

My fear is I won’t,

That I’ll live life all wrong.

That I’ll fail and I’ll fall

That it’ll all be my fault.

I want to be good 

And I want to be brave.

I want to be strong

And I want to be humble.

I want to be kind 

And I want to be proud

Of who I’ve become. 


My mind is a maze

And I can’t see what’s coming 

Around the corner.

That’s what frightens me most.

-OnlyMe wishing something beautiful. 


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