A Boy’s dream

All the boy wanted was to zip across the highway in his dream car, which was, to be honest, any car at all. He spent his life stuck up in an old shack with his sister, Tabitha, and never got to see anything but the sky and the neighborhood. A few months back, though, he saw a car. A real life car! Ever since then that’s all he wants. He wants a car. It’s as simple as the hope of being able to fly through the skyway. It’s all he’ll ever want, until he gets it. 

The only way to get it, he discovers, is to get the money he needs to buy it. Now how am I supposed to do that? He thinks, scratching his head in wonder. He goes on to beg for money on the streets, then, after a stern talk with his older sister, he decides that the best option would be to pawn his stuff on the black market. That doesn’t go to well for him either, mostly because he has no idea where the black market is! Finally, he comes to the conclusion of saving up for one by getting a job. He’s only fifteen and very illiterate though, having never been to school. He goes to multiple places and restaurants and has no luck in finding a job. He feels useless and that the whole thing is hopeless. 

“I’ll never be able to zip across the skyway.” He tells his sister.

“Yes, you will. Don’t worry little brother, I got you. As long as you get your license first.” She says, will the voice of an adult.

“Sixteen! Totally worth it.”

“I know.”



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